I finally got my dad to look at a Sport

After almost a year of suggesting it, and my dad saying, “it’s unreliable and pretentious,but maybe I’ll drive one eventually,” we finally went and looked at this 2007 Sport Supercharged at our local Porsche dealer. It had 70k miles, and the dealer offered us an excellent bumper to bumper 6 year warranty for a few… » 4/22/15 7:42pm Wednesday 7:42pm

Can someone explain something to me

The Toyota Hilux is well-known as the toughest, pluckiest, most reliable, and most dependable pickup truck the world over. The Land Cruiser, its SUV sibling, shares this reputation, even in the current lumbering Hamptons Cruiser version we get in the U.S. Even the Tacoma, the US “equivalent”, enjoys a known image of… » 4/22/15 2:11pm Wednesday 2:11pm