Worst Photo Ever Of: Jaguar XK8

I hope Jaguar does with the F-Type what they did with the XK (and, to be honest, every other Jag in history). I hope they just decide, "Hey, this is pretty, let's keep making it for at least eight years without really changing it." Very few cars can make cloud grey look beautiful. This base XK is one of those cars… » 11/25/14 3:39pm Tuesday 3:39pm

Worst Photo(s) Ever Of: Pontiac Astre

Wow. I don't even know where to begin. This thing caught my attention, parked out in front of one of the last true locally owned gas stations w/ full service station and carwash in town. It always has some cool stuff in the lot, presumably for service, like this beautiful '57 Bel Air or the neat 240Z sitting next to… » 11/24/14 5:47pm Monday 5:47pm

Worst Photo(s) Ever Of: E55 AMG

Last week, I brought you a terrible shot of a pristine 500E I managed to catch up to. Today, I have for you some equally terrible shots of the car's also-awesome successor, the W210 E55 AMG. Normally I would deduct points for unimaginative vanity plates, but I will accept this one, which read "1-E55". » 11/23/14 6:40pm Sunday 6:40pm

Every single other vehicle on the road right now is filthy

Except for one of the world's foremost off-road vehicles , which is spottlessly clean (eye roll). They are too rich both for dirtiness and for parking with the commonfolk. But giving them the benefit of the doubt there's another way of looking at it; they worked hard for this supercharged beauty, and want to take care… » 11/23/14 4:58pm Sunday 4:58pm

NPoCP: I literally know nothing about this edition

Today's NPoCP on the front page was a Mercedes 300GD Convertible for $37,000. I've found a better deal, because for a measly $143,000 *extra* you can enjoy the same car, only with moar power. It's a 2000 Mercedes G55 Europa by Brabus with 41,xxx miles. How much more power? I have no clue, I couldn't find any numbers.… » 11/20/14 1:37pm 11/20/14 1:37pm