Your high beams are not necessary just because it's cloudy.

Ladies and gentleman: driving around at night with your high beams on in town can blind other road users. Driving around with them during the day just because it's getting cloudy doesn't do any harm, it simply makes you look stupid. Take this guy, who despite his literal best effort, is not the brightest bulb on the… » 8/31/14 9:16pm Yesterday 9:16pm

Anyone have experience with the Gopro suction cup mount?

I'm headed out to buy one (BTW Gopro has stolen the "sell you an expensive product and then triple the price by charging an arm and a leg for every one of a million accessories" crown from Apple/Porsche), and I'm a little nervous. My plan is to test it out by doing a short drive/demonstration video for you guys, with… » 8/31/14 12:34pm Yesterday 12:34pm

I have cameras

As I mentioned earlier, I just received a Gopro that I was not expecting to receive. Well, shorty after that (a few hours) I received my GW1, which I was not expecting to receive for about 3 weeks. Obviously the GW1 is for insurance, maybe capturing the occasional bad driver, and anything else I happen to see while I… » 8/30/14 9:34pm Saturday 9:34pm

Someone mentioned early 2000's GPS?

I have a 2001, disc-based GPS system that I have never used before, so I figured I'd go check it out. Turns out, I don't have the disc. Worry not, though, because a replacement of this obsolete media storage device for an obsolete version of an obsolete system only costs $80 on Ebay. Because Audi or some shit. » 8/28/14 11:13pm Thursday 11:13pm

The fastest way to make me hate you (from the comfort of your car)?

Not, it's not cutting me off, going slow in the left lane, or asshat parking. No, it's something that pisses me off to the same level as texting while driving. It's when you pull up and stop behind me at a red light in your black Dodge Charger, Nebraska plate TIM 314, then change your mind and pull around so you're… » 8/28/14 9:31pm Thursday 9:31pm

I did some amusing teaching today

Was talking to a friend about his new car (Civic identical to JQJ's) and as he is a car guy, the topics eventually moved to the superiority of manuals, the awesomeness that is the McLaren P1, and the awesomeness that is the Mercedes G63 6x6. And then, a learning experience happened. This kid is a self-proclaimed… » 8/26/14 9:42pm Tuesday 9:42pm