2001 Audi A8L exhaust sound clip

I've been meaning to do one of these for a while, and finally got around to it yesterday. The 4.2 revs very quickly, but the nature of the car means that there's plenty of sound deadening to keep things quiet. What noise is there is good, but it requires turning up the volume a bit. Bottom line, it sounds like a V8,… » 1/30/15 12:15pm Yesterday 12:15pm

I'm really confused right now.

This evening, my dad and I went out to take a look at one of only two or three cars left on his short list: a second-gen X5. We drove a xDrive35i, or whatever the I6 one is called quite a while back, and we much preferred it over the more expensive, more powerful, better-equipped and newer Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland… » 1/28/15 8:26pm Wednesday 8:26pm

To the driver of the blinged-out Chrysler 300

I was sitting patiently in the turn lane waiting to turn left. When I saw you approaching half a block away and beginning to slow, since the light was yellow in your direction, I figured it you were planning on stopping at a red light as that is what the law would suggest you do. The fact that you then decided to… » 1/25/15 2:47pm Sunday 2:47pm