Worst Photo Ever Of: Jaguar XJ6

Well, it's finally happened. After more than two months of a temporary replacement phone with a defective camera, I got my new phone, an HTC One M8, yesterday. The M8, as it turns out, has a marvelous little camera, which means the regular postings of my hapless "Worst Photo Ever Of" can finally be put to bed. It's… » 12/20/14 10:07am Yesterday 10:07am

Found: Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Evo

Like the rest of Mitsubishi's current lineup in the U.S., I would have to imagine that the Outlander Sport is not terribly competitive in its segment. However, this one could be different. I spotted rocking Cali plates over the weekend. It's been lowered, has some nice rally-ish wheels, and though I didn't get a good… » 12/16/14 3:45pm Tuesday 3:45pm

Worst Photo Ever Of: Golf R, S4, W126, 2nd gen. C/K, GC SRT8, 991 & 997

Correct me if I'm wrong, fahrvergnügenists, but I believe the Golf R is the hottest of the Golf hot hatches we get/got here in the U.S., with the hierarchy going GTI, R32, R. Either way, 256hp and 243lbs/ft of torque going through all four wheels via a manual tranny ought to make for a good time. » 12/15/14 6:17pm Monday 6:17pm

The Corvette was spared

A little over a week ago, I shared with you the plight of one of my dad's clients, who had a white Mercedes smash though the front of their building. Today I was at the building with him, and it is almost 100% repaired. As it turns out, the reason the hole was so square was because the Benz hit directly below a wide… » 12/14/14 4:40pm 12/14/14 4:40pm